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The BodyTray®

for dentists around the world

Improve your work posture by using The BodyTray

The Bodytray® is a small (kind off) table to be placed on the chest of the patient; it allows instruments and materials to be placed close to the working area, while keeping the patient protected. Previous research shows that 65% of the dentists and 86% of the dental hygienists suffer from a variety of spinal disorders. By using the Bodytray® these discomforts are relieved and/or prevented.

For more information, please read the following PDF document for general information on the Body Tray®. The document will open in a new window.

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How to use The BodyTray

For every way of use, put the Bodytray® into a headrest cover (hygiene) but do not close the cover, air needs to go in and out. There are two way to use the BodyTray:


Using a napkin

  • Lay a napkin on top and use the clip to keep this in place (clip towards the patient’s feet)
  • Rest the Bodytray® on the chest of the patient

Using an instrument tray

  • Use the instrument tray to put on top of the Bodytray® and you will not need to use the clip (the tray will keep the napkin in place)
  • Rest the Bodytray® on the chest of the patient

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