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What The Bodytray® will do for you

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The Bodytray® is a modern gadget specifically designed for the comfort of the patient as well as the treating dentist. The Bodytray® is rested on the patient’s chest without any extra discomfort. The design adapts to the shape of the chest and stays horizontal and won’t slip.

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The advantage of the Bodytray® is that instruments are close at hand, the dentist can stay focused and only needs to move his/her eyes a little to reach for the right instrument without having to further move away from his/her work.

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Besides the dentist will be far less dependent to the correct handling of the assistant: the assistant will mostly need to arrange the instruments in the right order and will have enough hands to assist in more complicated situations.

Advantages of The Bodytray

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  • Work becomes a lot less tiring, especially for dentists who work with magnifying glasses and microscopes.
  • After a little training the dentist will very quickly experience the full benefits from the Bodytray®.
  • The use of ‘The Bodytray®’ is no replacement of your current procedure but is an additional tool !
  • Improve your work posture by using The Bodytray®!
  • The Bodytray® is a small table that rests comfortably on the chest of the patient.
  • While keeping the patient protected with this tray, instruments and materials can be arranged close to the working area.
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Previous research shows that 65% of dentists and 86% of dental hygienists and assistants suffer from a variety of spinal disorders. By using the Bodytray®, these discomforts could be relieved and/or prevented!

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The Bodytray is exclusively available from Bodytray in The Netherlands. Requests for larger quantity discounts can be send using mail to the email address as shown in the footer.
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